Somewhere Glassworks
Gainesville, Florida USA
    Sky Campbell
 Sarah Hinds

Sarah Hinds been blowing glass for more than twenty years. She is committed to artistic, personal and professional excellence, and continues to grow and expand from her artistic practice daily.

Her glass is inspired by a love of nature, form and light. Slight differences in the shape or color of a vessel can make it's essence change completely. The enchanting quality of light passing through colored glass is continually inspirational. Glass is a challenging, physical, unique and deeply rewarding medium.

Sarah also facilitates art in the Gainesville community with artists from ages three to ninety-three. She strives to facilitate a positive space where creativity may flourish. She has taught using many materials- molten glass, paint, plaster, cloth, clay, wood, metal and more. She has taken many projects and programs from conception to completion, and has taught from a classroom, in nature, and from the bedside in the hospital setting. The place where creativity and service intersect is where Sarah's greatest passion lies.